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We are strategic consultants, not just moderators. We seek long-term relationships with our clients and do not like to do one-shot projects. We feel that it benefits both the client and us if we are able to do multiple studies over time with the same company.

We're anti-growth and reluctant to add new clients to our roster. Maintaining a small client base allows us to give each client the attention it deserves.

We are reluctant to participate in competitive bids. Our attitude: you either want us or you don't. 

We'll always give you our honest opinion, and we aren't afraid to turn business away -- especially if we don't feel that qualitative research is the best means to achieving your objectives.

We believe that qualitative research moderation and analysis is an art, not a science... and certainly not a commodity.

We don't believe that all qualitative research can be conveniently lumped together as some monolithic entity and labled as "good" or "bad." We believe there are good qualitative studies and bad qualitative studies.... and good moderators and bad moderators. We're good ones.

We're reluctant to do more than six-to-eight focus groups and three markets in any given study unless there is a really compelling reason. Frankly, we don't like traveling if we can help it, and we often see much repetition in findings after six or eight groups. Plus, we don't want to waste the client's money.

If you like sending notes in to the moderator during a focus group discussion -- or prefer 8-10 page discussion guides -- then maybe you should do the groups yourself.
Some things you should probably know about our business approach before you contact us...