An Aggressive, Proven Modus Operandi  

Grieco Research takes an active, vigorous, engaging approach to interviewing and moderating -- rather than a passive, unemotional one -- in order to ensure that our studies yield rich, valuable insights. We are known to:
Our Unique Method
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  • Start with an effective, engaging introduction/warm-up technique which sets the tone for the session
  • Promote open, dynamic, balanced discussion... and make sure we hear from everyone
  • Challenge answers and conventional thinking
  • Play devil's advocate... introduce contrary opinions
  • Rigorously probe and thought-dive, getting beneath surface responses
  • Gauge respondents' convictions... and clients'
 A Unique Set Of Skills And Qualifications

Our skills and background are critical to the successful outcome of a study. These include:
  • Interpretive Analysis
  • Curiosity and a willingness to learn
  • Creative listening
  • Sensitivity to people from all walks of life
  • Group technique skills
  • Verbal communication skills... flexible, creative, quick
  • Unique, engaging personal style
  • Probing for hidden meanings... getting beyond rationalizations
  • Simultaneously analyzing and interpreting, relating dialogue to the problem and objectives
  • Bringing to bear knowledge from other categories and experiences
  • Relating new learning to our extensive knowledge of current and emerging trends
  • Utilizing a number of innovative, creative, customized techniques to unearth new insights
 A Highly Specialized Role

We pride ourselves on: