We've been told that our true value lies within our presentations, where there's interaction with the data and the stakeholders.  And you can't put together a presentation without first writing the report.

Our reports do not simply regurgitate and summarize the discussions from the groups. In fact, this is merely the starting point for us.

We begin by rigorously auditing, analyzing and interpreting everything that respondents expressed in the discussions, reviewing all of the digital transcripts and written responses. We're not only interested in what panelists said, but also what they meant. During this rigorous review process, we also look for and identify any meaningful differences between the segments interviewed.
The Art Of Our Reports
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  • All project objectives clearly addressed and answered

  • Additional value-added analysis and insights on key findings (beyond the scope of the discussions), in which we bring to bear our extensive research experience in other areas to provide additional perspective and help place the learning in a larger context

  • Strategic use of verbatims... we don't simply believe that the more verbatims, the better -- but rather, the better and more purposeful the verbatim, the more enlightening and useful it is

  • Visually compelling, engaging, colorful, easy-to-follow layout and design

  • A succinct, easy-to-read executive summary of findings -- which addresses answers to the objectives and spells out implications and actional recommendations

  • Presentations: our presentations are very dynamic and engaging; we highlight the most important findings and recommendations from the report, and (upon request) integrate the most insightful video clips from the sessions into the presentation


Throughout the report we strive to weave a compelling narrative and point of view, based on our in-depth analysis. We not only report on the key insights; we also aim to engage, illuminate, challenge, convince and inspire.

Within our reports, clients can expect to find: