GRG's Tenets
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1. Focus group research should be used for depth, quantitative research for breadth

2. Focus groups should not be used to make final decisions; consumers are not decision-makers

3. Use the TWO-QUESTION RULE when developing objectives: if you could only walk away from
     the research with insights to two questions, what would those questions be?

4. The more a group/segment shares in common (in life experiences, attitudes, etc.), the more
     insightful, natural and provocative the discussion will be

5. With VERY FEW exceptions, a study should not consist of more than eight focus groups

6. Topic guides should be kept short (four pages or less)... remember it's a "guide," not a script

7. Respondents may look good on paper, but they are not interviewed on paper

8. Do not believe everything panelists say -- responses need to be questioned and challenged to   
    gauge conviction and ascertain the truth

9. Avoid questions which force panelists to render an opinion on an issue which they have no   
    personal stake in and which they otherwise would have no opinion on in their daily lives

10. All respondents are equal, but some are more equal than others... look for the
      Most Valuable Respondents (MVR) in every group
Grieco Research Group's 10 TENETS Of Good Focus Group Research: