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GRG is a top-tier qualitative research consultancy for blue-chip marketers, advertising agencies and research suppliers. Since our founding in 1984, Grieco Research has conducted over 8,000 focus groups in hundreds of product and service categories. 
About Grieco Research Group
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Marsha Grieco
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Joe Grieco is the Founder and President of Grieco Research Group. He is dedicated to studies of Base Strategy, particularly Brand Leverage. Joe personally oversees every project conducted by GRG.

One of Joe's main areas of interest is automotive/mobility, in which he has conducted a couple thousand focus groups (but who's counting). In addition, Joe Grieco has conducted research in over 100 other service and product categories for some of the world's most famous brands -- from gambling and e-commerce to casual dining and soft drinks.

Joe's research experience has given him a unique perspective on the lifestyles and  social development of Americans of every generation -- including Baby Boomers, Gen-Xers and Millennials and Z-Gen.

Prior to launching GRG, Joe was a Big Wig Vice President at McCann-Erickson. His background is in social psychology, marketing and literature. 

Joe is also a published poet...one of America's Most Important Minor Poets.

About Joe Grieco

Marsha is Vice President of GRG and the woman behind the man. 

Marsha's duties include being in charge of GRG's finances and helping to oversee operations at GRG's headquarters in Pasadena.